Pinata Fiesta Slots

Pinata Fiesta is the fun and bright classic slot game offered by WGS. It comes with some pretty cool bonus features and a multiplier wild that keeps things interesting. Not to mention the slot looks great. You'll love the unique graphics that this game has to offer that gives it a refreshing look.

Refreshing Theme

Most classic slots recycle the same old symbols because they can. That's not the case with Pinata Fiesta. Each and every one of the symbols is unique from classic slots. There aren't BAR symbols, cherries or anything of the sort. Instead you have maracas, hats, chilis, and more. Overall the game is very nice to look at and you might find yourself coming back just for the beautiful symbols.

Multiplier Wilds

The hat wild symbol is the very lucrative symbol that you want to look out for while playing this slot game. Three of these symbols pays out a massive top prize of 2,400 coins if you are betting three coins on the single payline. If you are betting less you still get 800 or 1,600 coins for one or two coin bets. This wild symbol also doubles any prizes it helps complete or quadruples them if you have two wilds helping to complete a prize out on the reels. That's something to get excited about if you ask me.

Free Spin Bonus

There is a special free spin bonus round that you can unlock while playing Pinata Fiesta as well. To unlock this bonus round you just have to bet three coins and get one of the bonus symbols. That's all you need to do and you'll get free spins that will help you win even more money as you play along. It's simple to win big with this slot game and you'll find that wins come regularly.

Pinata Fiesta offers a huge number of features for a classic slot game. From the moment that you begin playing you could get free spins, special bonus wilds that multiply your winnings and a huge top jackpot of up to $24,000 if you get the top prize while betting big. There's a lot to like about this slot, and that's not even taking into account the unique graphics that make the game charming. Give it a try and you just might decide that you enjoy playing classic slot games.