Naughty Ninjas Slots

Naughty Ninjas is a fun alien-themed slot game that shows off evil creatures against a city skyline at night. The game shows off a whole cast of interesting characters including the battling pirate lass, and a damsel in distress and it's certainly unique to look at. The game itself is pretty enjoyable to play, but most people will be more interested in the graphics than what's going on in the game itself.

Betting the Right Amount

While playing Naughty Ninjas it's easy to bet exactly the right amount of money for your comfort level while gambling. It's possible to bet just a single cent on the reels, or up to $250 across the 25 different paylines. The amount you risk is completely up to you, and your bankroll, so choose wisely and get started.

Trigger the Free Spin Round

In this online slot game it's possible to unlock a set of free spins to help you win even more money as you play. It's important to realize that you need to get the scatter symbol, or the ninja star, in the appropriate spot on the reels in order to trigger the free spin round. You only need a single ninja star, but it must show up on reel 3. Get it there and you'll unlock free spins where you can win even more. During this round you can unlock additional free spins if you get another ninja star in the same exact spot once again.

A Decent Top Jackpot

Playing Naughty Ninja won't win you a fortune and certainly won't make you rich, but there is a worthwhile jackpot and that's by getting five or more of the naughty ninja symbols. Get five of them and you'll unlock a 2,000 coin bonus, which can be as high as $20,000 if you're risking the top amount. That's a pretty decent payout, though a bit small for the amount of money that you'll have to risk per spin. Many people decide that it's worthwhile to go for the bonus though. Give this unique slot game a try and you'll end up enjoying the symbols at the very least. It doesn't pay out huge jackpots, but the aliens and the naughty ninja symbols are cool looking and they help to keep the game interesting. Couple that with frequent prize payouts and you'll be playing the game for a longer time than you expected when you first started. It's worth the time.