Million Dollar Rally Slots

If you’re into racing Million Dollar Rally is a good solid slot game to try out. It features beautiful graphics of cars, trophies and other race-related items that keep things exciting. Even if you don’t like racing it’s hard not to like the overall look and feel of this online slot game.

Countless Ways to Win

There are tons of symbols in this online slot game, and they’re all pretty unique. You can win on checkered flags, checkered 7’s, rally cars, trophies, cash, and more. With so many different symbols you always have something new coming your way, and you’ll be surprised at all the different ways there are for you to win while playing.

An Ideal Penny Slot

To all the gamblers out there that thoroughly enjoy penny slots, Million Dollar Rally is a good option to consider. That’s because you can bet as little as $.01 and even when playing all the paylines you can bet as little as $.05. Larger bets are possible as well for all the high rollers out there that don’t have time to play the low stakes games. It’s possible to bet as much as $50, with $10 per each of the 5 paylines. If that’s the type of bet that you’re going to make, you can unlock some pretty serious cash prizes with enough luck on your side.

Huge Top Jackpot

Get lucky while playing this online slot game, and you could walk away with as much as $100,000. You just need five of those shiny golden Millionaire trophies. Second up to the trophies is cash, and you could get as much as 5,000 coins for five of the cash symbols. Finally is the blue rally car, that offers 2,500 coins when you get five of the min a row. Each of these prizes is worth winning and very exciting to win if you’re betting a decent amount while playing.

There aren’t many special features with this slot game, but it’s still worth a play. That’s because it has a solid set of graphics that stand out. It offers a nice jackpot as well and you can stand to win a whole lot of cash by spending a bit of time with this slot game. Sure there are other games out there with cooler features, but few that look better than this slot while still offering an excellent jackpot. Give it a try, it’s a cool little online slot.