Jolly Harbour Slots

Jolly Harbour slots is a bit bland at first glance, but it’s worth a play and I’ll tell you why below. The graphics are dull to say the least, with some very simple images showing up on the reels, but don’t let that deter you. The slot offers an excellent jackpot that should get you to at least give the game a try.

Simple Graphics

Jolly Harbour is based off of a salt-water harbor, and shows off a range of water-based symbols. There’s a colorful fish, an old-school steering wheel from a large ship, a Harbor Hotel symbol, a floatation device, a sting ray and more. All the symbols are simply drawn, and the backdrop of the game is pretty standard, but it doesn’t look too bad, it just isn’t as colorful and vibrant as many of the slot games are today. If you’re looking for a more neutral slot, this is one that you can really enjoy and relax with.

Place a Jolly Bet

Jolly Harbour is made up of just 5 paylines overall. That means the coin bet amount you place, will be spread across between 1 and 5 lines overall. You can bet anywhere from $.01 and $50 depending on the coin value you decide on and the number of paylines that you bet on. We recommend betting on all the paylines and spending as much as you can in terms of coin value, to really maximize your prize potential while playing.

Huge Jackpot

The English Harbor symbol leads to a massive jackpot that’s something you really want to try for. Get the symbol on the reels of this slot game and you’ll be in for a jackpot up to 10,000 coins. If you bet the top amount that could leave you with a very substantial prize amount in the end, and that’s something to get very excited about while playing this slot game.

Play on Many Platforms

Jolly Harbour is the type of slot game that you can enjoy no matter what device you’re gambling on. It works with PC and Mac devices. It’s also possible to play the game with an Android smartphone or tablet. With support for such a range of devices it’s simple to try out this slot game and you can play it with most types of equipment that you have.

Sure Jolly Harbour isn’t equipped with a dozen special features, and there aren’t a bunch of bonuses that you’ll win while playing the game, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth playing. The huge jackpot on its own is enough reason to give the game a try.