The Right Prize Slots

Get your fix of the "Price is Right" action all over again with this fun themed slot game that's designed after the hit television show. The Right Prize slot game offers you the chance to win some very nice prizes, and it does so in an entertaining way that will keep you having fun the entire time that you play.

Betting to Win

It's impossible to win any money from this hit slot game without placing a bet down, which is exactly what you have to do to start playing the Right Prize. The betting limits are between $.01 and $10 per coin, and you can have up to 25 coins in play at once. That means you are free to bet as much as $250 and as little as $.01 depending on the types of risks you want to take.

Wild Wins

Wilds are very high paying symbols in this slot game as soon as you get four or more of them on the reels. For four wild symbols you'll receive 2,000 coins, and you'll get a massive 10,000 coins if you get five of the wild symbols on the same payline. While that's very difficult to do, it would pay off nicely if you get lucky enough to unlock the prize. That's exactly why so many people continue to play this slot game, because of the excellent winning opportunities that it provides.

Trigger the Exciting Bonus Round

Just like any good game show, there is a special bonus round that has you go through special steps to try and win generous amounts of prize money. While playing The Right Prize, you could instantly unlock the special bonus round of the game by getting three of the wheel symbols on any active payline while you play. Do that and you'll immediately be transported to the special bonus round where you can win very big.

There are actually four different bonus games that you can unlock from the bonus symbol, including a special chip drop game, a prize picking game, a spinning game and finally a showcase showdown type of game where you need to select prize amounts accurately. If you get enough bonus symbols you'll have an interesting game mode to go through with a lot of potential prize money on the line.

The Right Prize slot game is unique, it's fun and it's perfect for game show enthusiasts looking for excitement. If you enjoyed the Price is Right, and you want to bring that same type of experience to your online gambling, give the Right Prize a try.