Monte Magic Slots

Whether you're a budding magician yourself or you just like going to magic shows, Monte Magic slot is all about the mysterious magician looking to pull off the best possible trick in front of an audience. Hopefully the trick will be rewarding you with a fat stack of coins!

Appealing Design

This magic-themed slot game shows off a wavy purple background with a magician's hat and want in the background. It has three large very clean white reels that take up most of the space, and a set of bet buttons down below. It's clear from the moment that you look at the game that it's simple to play and you can get started in a matter of moments with ease.

Place Your Bet

To start trying for money you simply need to place your initial bet and get going. There is only one payline, but you can risk between one and three coins at one time, giving you a bit of a range to bet in. It's possible for you to risk as little as $.01 if you don't want to burn through your money fast, or to bet as much as $30 with three $10 coins on that single pay line. Doing this will open you up to the top payouts from this machine, which are pretty significant.

Win up to 24,000

While playing this slot the pay table is clearly visible the entire time, and it shows off the top prizes that you can win. When you're betting three coins you can win the maximum prize of 2,400 coins or $24,000 if you're risking the maximum amount of money. The next prize is $2,400 from three of the rabbit symbols, and this is a worthwhile prize to shoot for as well, but obviously not as good as the three wild magician's hats. It's important to note that getting a hat and other symbols will double the prize payout, and getting two hats and another simply will quadruple the game payout. This makes it a bit more interesting and worthwhile to get a few wild symbols as you play.

Monte Magic slot is a simple game that doesn't have many features at all. That doesn't keep it from being enjoyable though. It's a classic slot that is simple to play and it looks very nice. The moment that you start gambling you'll know what to expect, and you can win some decent prizes, especially when the Magician's hat is involved.