What's Your Sign Slots

What’s Your Sign is a fun astrology-themed slot game that’s filled with cool cartoon representations of the various horoscopes. You can try to create winning combinations with your own horoscope, or go for top jackpots with the highly lucrative wild symbol. There is a cool bonus round that you can trigger while playing, but no matter what you do, the game is going to look really nice while you do it.

Minimal Paylines

It’s common to have 20 or 25 pay lines on online slots today. That’s why the 12 paylines that this game offers seems pretty minimal in comparison. With that number of paylines you’re limited to a maximum bet of $120, and you can risk as little as $.01 if you don’t want to bet on all the lines of the game. That’s still a pretty good betting range, and affords you a lot of flexibility when it comes to the amount of money that you risk on this slot game.

Top Jackpot from Wilds

The bright and colorful sun and moon symbol serves as the wild in this game and will sub in for anything other than the bonus symbol. Use it to complete combinations out on the reels for prizes, or to create massive jackpot wins. Five of these wilds is worth 10,000 coins, and four will give you 2,500. Either way, that’s a huge win on this slot, and could be one of the largest wins that you get while playing. Bet big, and you could go home with a lot of cash.

Wheel Bonus Round

Get three or more bonus symbols on a single payline and you’ll unlock the special bonus round of What’s Your Sign. It’s a fun and unique game wheel spinning game where you have to get the right horoscope to win big. The bonus round is simple enough to play and is mostly based on luck, but it helps to break up the standard rounds of this slot as you play along.

What’s Your Sign is a pretty unique slot game and there aren’t many others out there based on astrological signs. It’s a fun game, it looks really nice and offers a huge jackpot if you are lucky enough to unlock it. The minimal number of paylines makes winning more difficult than it is on some other slot games though, so you have to keep that in mind as well.