Lucky Lagoon Slots

Take a dive into a beautiful crisp blue ocean while playing the Lucky Lagoon slot game. The game features a beautiful background and some pretty straightforward ocean-themed symbols. It's not made of up bright colorful images, but it still looks pretty nice and offers decent payouts that make playing well worth the cost.

Place that Bet

With just five paylines you don't have as many different ways to win with this slot game as you do many of the others available today. There is a decent bet range though. While playing you can risk between $.01 and $50 across those paylines. Choose to bet on one, all five or somewhere in between on the paylines, and then move on to the gambling portion of the slot game.

An Ocean Theme

Lucky Lagoon slots relies on a classic ocean theme with symbols like anchors, whales, golden dolphins, a surfer and more. All these symbols go along with the same theme and they're all unique. You won't find any card symbols on this slot game, and that helps maintain that unique look that's so attractive about it. Sure it's a bit plain, the symbols aren't crazy looking or cartoony. That doesn't mean it's unattractive though. Lucky Lagoon has a classic look to it and is pleasant to view and to play.

Look for Island Gold

The Island Gold symbol serves as the wild in this slot game, and also a very lucrative payout symbol. Get four of them and you'll walk away with 1,000 coins. Get five and you'll take home a whopping 10,000 coins, or as much as $100,000 if you're lucky enough. That's huge and obviously worth playing for. No matter what your bankroll is, if you snag this top prize you're sure to grow it substantially, which is why so many people keep playing Lucky Lagoon slots.

Straightforward Gameplay

There aren't a bunch of bonuses in this slot game. There aren't free spins or side features for you to look forward to. Instead you get a cut-and-dry slot experience that's exactly how you would expect it to be. You place your bet and spin the reels, and if you get the right symbols you win a prize. That's all there is to it. Luckily some of the prizes are pretty substantial, otherwise gameplay would be pretty dull and forgettable.

Lucky Lagoon can be a forgettable slot game for some people, but the winners will never forget it. It's nice to look at, simple and straightforward and the slot experience that some people are looking for.