Jester's Jackpot Slots

Jester’s Jackpot is a slot game themed around a classic deck of cards, and it features most of the top card images that you would expect while gambling online. A little bit of playing and you’ll see a range of symbols, including the Joker cap. The slot game is known for its simplicity, and for the decent top jackpot that you can win while playing there. It’s a worthwhile amount, and keeps players coming back for more.

Plenty of Betting Options

While playing Jester’s Jackpot you are free to bet a range of amounts with each spin of the reels. You can risk as little as $.01 if you bet on a single payline and set the coin amount to $.01. If you want to bet big you can risk as much as $90, by putting $10 on each of the 9 available paylines. The higher that you bet the more you stand to win while playing the game, including the top jackpot that could be as large as $24,000 if you bet the top amount while playing.

A Decent Jackpot to Win

Jester’s Jackpot slot offers a decent top jackpot that you can win while playing the game. While it isn’t huge, you could take home as much as 2,400 coins in a single spin of the reels. That’s a pretty significant amount of money if you’re betting near the top amount that you can while playing this slot game. You’ll enjoy some seriously generous wins while playing the slot game with a bit of luck, and that’s pretty darned exciting.

Speeding the Game Along

Jester’s Jackpot doesn’t have a bunch of special bonus features, but there are a couple convenience features that let you play the game quickly and efficiently. The first is autoplay. This feature makes it easy to keep the game moving without having to press the reel button every single time. The quick stop feature allows you to stop all the reels of the slot at the same time, without waiting for each and every reel to stop on its own. This dramatically speeds up spins, allowing you to play through more rounds in the same sitting.

Jester’s Jackpot is a pretty cool slot game with an attractive theme and a decent jackpot to look forward to. It’s not overly complicated, and that’s something that some players are going to really enjoy. If you’re looking for a good quality slot game to try out, this is worth a look for sure.