Island Gold Slots

Island Gold is a basic slot game about relaxing and winning big out on a tropical island. It features symbols like chips, tropical birds and chests full of jewels. The game is simple and easy to get started with, but there are some very lucrative win opportunities for the few lucky players. Give it a try and you may have found your next favorite slot game.

Straightforward Gambling

If you are the type of online gambler that needs lots of features and cool bonus games to be inspired and to want to keep on playing, you won't enjoy playing Island Gold. It's not designed like that. Instead this simple slot game offers five reels with just five pay lines. There isn't a progressive jackpot, and there aren't many special features of the game either. It's good straightforward gambling fun and something that you can enjoy when you don't want to remember special rules.

Try for Free

There is no reason to start off this slot game playing for real money, though it's pretty simple to learn. You can begin gambling for free and avoid worrying about spending any more money than you want to with this game. To get a feel for the game choose the free option for a few rounds, and then after you're feeling more confident, you can move on to gambling with real money for the best possible results.

Small Betting Range

Some slot games give you a massive range of betting options, but Island Gold keeps things a bit more limited. Players that start gambling on the slot can choose between $.01 and $50 to bet. This is over a total of 5 reels, meaning that you can bet as much as $10 per reel of the slot game. Really high rollers might be a bit disappointed with the options available for betting, but most players won't have an issue with the bet options available. You can bet as little as you like, or you can turn up to a higher bet for a chance to win more money while playing.

Huge Win Potential

Even though you can't bet a huge amount of money while playing this slot game, it's possible to win an impressive amount while playing. You could win a top jackpot of as much as $100,000 from Island Gold. It's simple to unlock the top jackpot but you'll need a lot of luck in order to get it.

Island Gold isn't a really exciting slot game, but it is relaxing and a decent amount of fun to play. Give it a try today and you might be surprised by how much you enjoy it.