Gladiator's Gold Slots

Gladiator's gold is a fun classic themed slot with a lot to offer players looking for decent prizes with simple gaming mechanics. There are just three reels in this game and they're filled with all the standard symbols that you would expect of a classic game. Other than the fierce gladiator down at the bottom of the reels, there really isn't any special theme to this slot game, but that doesn't stop it from being fun or lucrative.

Placing the Bet

Placing the bet is the most important step when you go to play this slot game. You can bet between $0.75 and $45 depending on the number of coins that you decide to bet per line and the coin value that you set up. This isn't one of the cheapest slot games out there, but it has the potential to pay out nicely as well. Just make sure that you are betting an amount that is comfortable for you and you'll enjoy the experience that this classic slot offers.

Shoot for the Top Prize

The very highest prize that you can get from this slot game is a cool 4,000 coins and you need to get three of the red 7 symbols covered with coins in order to do it. On top of getting three of the symbols you also need to get them all on the third pay line of the slot game. Get them on the first or second line of the game and you'll receive a lower payout.

Enjoy Simplicity

There is a serious level of simplicity to this slot game that's pretty enjoyable when you are after a pure slot experience. Spin the reels and hope that one of the higher paying combinations shows up on the one of three pay lines. Other than deciding how much you are going to bet, there isn't much to decide while playing this slot, and that's the beauty of it.


If you are the type of player that doesn't want to sit there and turn the reels of the slot again and again yourself, there is an autoplay feature just for you. Set autoplay to a certain number of cycles and the game will go ahead without you. Just make sure you keep an eye on the game so that you see when you win big.

Gladiator's Gold is a cool classic slot game with a lot to offer. Sure it's simple, but there are some decent prizes to be won and you don't have to bet too much to unlock them either. Give it a try and you just might fall in love with its simplicity.