Rabbit's Riches Slots

Dragon Gaming have done it once again and brought an epic oriental video slot game, so give it a go whilst you still can and see what you can get out of it. It's called the Rabbit's Riches Slots. Asian themed slots are one of my favorites, so if you feel the same way then be sure to give this article a read. I really like to take my customers into consideration here, and pride myself on bringing nothing but the purest of facts when it comes to choosing a video slot. You have to trust me, I review hundreds of video slots a week, so I am a good source to trust, that's for sure. The reels of the Rabbit's Riches Slots are placed in a red colored background, with golden details present everywhere. It really is a visually pleasing slot to play with, so if this is one of your requirements, then give it a go.

Everything you need to know about the Rabbit's Riches Slots

The Rabbit's Riches Slots has been brought out and developed by Dragon Gaming, so you are going to receive pretty epic things when it comes to the features and aesthetics. So let's get on with the review and see what is currently on offer at the Rabbit's Riches Slots.

The slot was brought out pretty recently, in February of 2023, so this already tells us a lot. I for one am expecting really impressive things in terms of features. The RTP is one of the many features worth mentioning, as it comes in at 96% which is the national average. The RTP is really important, you guys, and it stands for the return to player percentage. It's super important if you're looking for customer success in terms of figures. I am always super impressed with slot games that reach this, because it really isn't that common anymore.

Symbols and fantastic features

The best features here in the Rabbit's Riches Slots include the likes of the free spins, the multiplier and the wild. These are the key ones to look out for, so keep those eyes peeled for sure. As for the sweet symbols, look for the rabbit and the coins as these are really going to boost up your earnings.

There are so many reasons to play here at the Rabbit's Riches Slots, so check them out before it's too late. You should always try before it's too late, so do it with the Rabbit's Riches Slots. You're bound to love it!