Super Market Slots

Super Market Slots is a fun online gambling game with a food store theme. You'll see standard items that you would expect to encounter at an everyday supermarket while working your way toward one of the many impressive prizes. There are a few bonus rounds in the game and there is a decent betting range as well, giving you just enough to look forward to while you play at this online slot game that feels like shopping.

Setting the Bet

From the very moment that you start playing this online slot game it's up to you to choose the amount of money that you want to bet. You can set a coin size between $.01 and $10.00 and can make a maximum bet of up to $200 across the 20 different paylines. That's not a bad range of bet amounts and it's one reason that most players are comfortable while gambling on Super Market Slots. With so many options to choose from, everyone can choose a range that they enjoy.

Free Spins for Every Shopper

This slot game offers a free spin round that's pretty easy to trigger. That's why most players unlock it at least once during a play session. Get three or more of the scatter symbols and you'll unlock 10 bonus free spins that will help you win more money. Each prize won during a free spin round is doubled, giving you some pretty exciting maximum wins during these rounds. If you're hoping to maximize your play time at this online slot, free spins will help you do just that.

Shopping Bonus Game

There is also a special shopping bonus triggered by shopping carts. In this bonus game you have make a selection to hopefully win a prize. The prize paid out depends on the number of carts that you get to unlock the bonus round. Three carts gets you into the bonus round, four gets you double prizes and five gets you prizes multiplied by four. Either way, you have a lot that you can win from this special bonus round.

There are plenty of features on this shopping slot game that make it worth playing even if you aren't sure about the theme itself. The game is affordable to play with low minimum spins, but the top payouts are pretty impressive, giving you something to look forward to as you play along.