Monster Money Slots

Take on the roll of a mad scientist as you try to come up gruesome combinations that pay out the best in Monster Money slot. You're a real-life doctor Frankenstein as you try and create a living creation that's going to make you rich presumably. This slot game looks beautiful, it has all the eerie symbols that you would expect of this genre and every single one of the symbols is something unique and cool. You don't have to look at any bland card symbols while playing this cool game.

The Basics

Monster Money is a 5-reel 25 payliner with all the standard features of a regular online slot by WGS. It comes with a bet range of $.01 and $250, which is pretty nice for players of all levels. The game comes with a cool Bet Max button that makes it easy to place down the top wager immediately. It also comes with a pay table so you can figure out exactly what you have to expect from this slot game. You'll soon realize that basic monster parts and tools pay out low amounts while the brain, the mad scientist and the electrical rods are the symbols that you want the most, so look out for those.

The Gruesome Monster Bonus

Okay so it's really not that gruesome, but it is a lot of fun to pick behind a set of spooky doors hoping to strike it rich. Your mission is twofold while playing this bonus game. First you need to select the monster from behind one of the eight doors. Second you want to get the mad scientist as well. The monster gives you a prize amount and the mad scientist multiplies the amount to something greater. You can win some serious prizes.

The Wild Jackpot

The professor is by far the most valuable symbol in the game and he can be used to unlock a top jackpot of up to 5,000 coins. To do this you need to get him on all give reels on the same payline at a time. Do this and you'll walk away with some significant money.

Monster Money is a cool slot game with an intriguing theme that pulls people in. Unfortunately aside from the beautiful graphics it doesn't have features that really stand out all that much. The jackpot isn't as large as some other offerings from WGS, and the bonus feature is pretty straightforward. Still, if you like monsters you'll love the look and feel of this game and you should definitely check it out at least one time. Give it a shot and decide if you like it or not from there.