Hot Roller Slots

How Roller Slots is a pretty traditional online slot game with five reels and a energetic and bright big city theme. The slot machine offers a huge betting range, and pays out some seriously large prizes to the lucky player that gets the top jackpot. If you're looking for a straightforward gambling experience without all the special bonus games or features, or you just like the looks of the modern game, give it a try to see what you're missing.

Bet Big or Small

Players that gamble on Hot Roller Slots have the option to bet a lot of money, or to bet a small amount. There are a total of 25 different pay lines in the slot game, and it's possible to bet on just one, or to go to larger amounts all the way up to 25. Each pay line takes a single coin, and coins can be valued at between $0.01 and $10.00. That means it's possible to bet as little as $0.01 per spin and as much as $250.00 per spin. That's a huge range that will accommodate all sorts of players looking for fun gambling conditions online.

How the Game Works

Hot Roller is a pretty standard five reel slot game. After deciding on the bet amount and the number of paylines, you spin the reels and try to get winning combinations on one of the active lines. The Lady Wild symbols sub in for anything other than the scatters, but they don't offer any sort of multiplier when helping to complete a payout. The three dice symbol serves as the game's scatter, and three or more of them will unlock the free spin round.

Free Spins

The only bonus game offered while playing Hot Roller Slots is a special free spin round. It's possible to get a range of free spins, but to do so you throw three different dice to decide how many spins you get and the prize multiplier that's attached to all of them.

Getting the Biggest Jackpot

During standard play it's possible to get up to 10,000 coins by getting five wilds in a row, but it's possible to get even more if you get the wild jackpot during a free spin round. That's why so many players continue to play the game and you can win a surprisingly large amount of money with the right multiplier.

Hot Roller is a simple and fun five reel video slot. It shows off a big city gambling theme, and has some pretty nice graphics backing it up. The game is fun for the players that can afford to make large bets, but it doesn't offer the same level of payout as a progressive jackpot slot could at lower bet levels.