Supermarket Mania Slots

Take a trip down the grocery aisle in Supermarket Mania slots. While it might not sound like a very interesting theme for a game, this food-based slot game actually looks pretty nice. All the symbols are cartoons and they're fun. Play along and you'll

Go Big or Small

You can go big or go small when you play Supermarket Mania slots, depending on how much money you have to risk. You must bet on all 20 of the paylines of this slot game, but there is a wide range of coin values that you can choose from, giving you a huge range of values that you can bet overall. You could risk $.20 at the low end, and $200 at the high end. The value you choose should be one that you are comfortable with so you can make the most of the slot game and have fun.

Free Spins Possible

Supermarket Mania follows the pretty standard free spins blueprint that many other slot games are using today. You need three or more scatters to trigger the feature. Once it's triggered you'll get 10 free spins. Each of those free spins offers double prize payouts. That means the prizes that you win during these rounds will be doubled. The free spin rounds are where you'll win the biggest prizes, and they are the ones that you'll be hoping for the whole time that you are playing the game.

Supermarket Bonus

There's also a special supermarket bonus in this game. To unlock the bonus round you need to get bonus symbols and you'll have a chance to win a nice lump of money if you get lucky enough with your selections. The game is simple enough, but it gives you something else to do besides just spinning reels. Overall it's just another nice addition to the game and isn't really exciting or highly lucrative.

If you're the type of player that loves to go grocery shopping, you'll love this slot game. That's probably not true for most people though, so you'll have to focus more on the gameplay than the actual graphics. It's nice to look at, but the players that will appreciate this slot game most are the ones that like the bonus feature and the free spin rounds. There are some good ways to win from this game, and with a bit of luck you can really increase your bankroll while playing.