Game Day Slots

Get in on the football action with the Game Day slot game. This game features a collection of symbols that are all associated with football. You have the field goal kicker, the field goal, the coin toss, the quarterback, players moving on the field, the whistle, the football and even more to look for as you play along. There are some decent prizes with this game as well and a lot to gain by playing along. Give it a try and you'll see that you have a whole lot to gain.

Setting the Bet

Before you can win anything at all you need a real money bet in place. That means deciding the value of your coins and how many pay lines you want to bet on. Set your coin between $.01 and $10 and then choose between 1 and 20 pay lines. The end result is a betting range of between $.01 and $200 depending on how much money you are willing to risk. There should be a bet that every player is comfortable with somewhere in that range, and that makes this slot good for everyone to play.

Free Spins

The playbook sketch symbol serves as the scatter in this slot game. That means each time two or more are on the reels you'll get money for them no matter where they are. Get three or more of the symbols and you'll enjoy a free spin round. During the round you'll get a total of 15 free spins that you can win prizes on without spending any money to unlock them.

Win Huge

The top jackpot of this game is an insane $450,000 if you bet the top amount of $10 per coin. This is one of the highest paying slot games that you'll find online and that's very very exciting. Give the game a try and you could win really big with a bit of luck on your side as you spin the reels.

Game Day slots is an exciting slot game for football fans looking to bet a bit of money. It's easier than placing bets on sporting events and offers a good level of interaction with the potential for some very nice payouts as well. Give the game a try yourself and you just might decide that it's your new favorite slot. Sure it isn't for everyone, but anyone that likes football and slots will like this game.