Farming Futures Slots

Farming Futures is a unique 7-reel slot game offered by WGS that many players are trying out. I wasn't particularly impressed with the graphics, but it's a good entry to the list of slot reviews because it is very different than most other video slots. It is more plain and straightforward, which is a good thing for some people.

Weird Graphics

Even though Farming Futures slots has a lot to offer players that test it out, its graphics aren't what will sell you on the game. There is just too much going on on that screen. There are symbols everywhere and they are a bit dull as well. Of course all the symbols are themed after a farm, so you'll see farm animals and the farmer turning around those reels.

Place Your Bet

When you play Farming Futures you have 9 paylines to work with and it is up to you how many you bet on overall. If you want to keep your bet small, you can put money down on just a single line. With coin values from $.01 and $10 available, you can bet between $.01 and $90.00 while playing this slot game. Choose an amount you are comfortable with and stick with that.

Small but Frequent Payouts

If you're the type of slot player that likes seeing the biggest payouts that you can, and you don't mind waiting a bit longer for that money to come in, this slot is not for you. Farming Futures pays out very regularly, but the payouts tend to be a bit smaller. If you like playing over shorter periods of time, this is probably a good game for you. You'll get money more often and won't have to wait out the huge payouts to get all your lost money back.

Simple Gameplay

Farming Futures offers a straightforward slot experience. There aren't any special games, scatters or free spins to worry about. That means you'll understand the game the moment that you start playing. For some players that's comforting and they'll love what Farming Futures has to offer. Other players will find the lack of features to be a bit dull and they'll want to play something else as a result. The type of player that you are really determines whether or not this is a good game for you.

Decent Jackpot Wins

Like I said up above, Farming Futures isn't about winning massive jackpots as you play along. Instead it's about winning smaller more modest amounts. When you play the game you could win as much as 2,500 coins or $25,000. That's a pretty decent amount of money, but it's nothing compared to some of the massive wins that you can get from other slot games that you'll find online. For some players that's fine, but others will grow bored of the game.

Farming Futures doesn't have a lot to offer in terms of special features, but that doesn't mean it isn't worth playing. If you want simple mechanics, you will love what it has to offer and the prizes aren't too bad either.