Butterflies Slots

Take in all the beauty of lovely butterflies while playing Butterflies Slots. The game is set to a bright and fun field backdrop complete with flowers that butterflies would absolutely love. There are the standard 9-A card symbols as well as a set of butterflies in their various stages. When you play the game you'll enjoy the graphics if you're a fan of butterflies and you'll have a chance to win some really nice prizes.

Placing a Bet

As you play Butterflies you'll need to place a bet so that the game can determine what sort of prize payouts you are going to get. The betting range on this game is smaller than most other slots that you'll find online, but you can still bet as little as $.01 and as much as $40. Coin values can be set between $.01 and $2.00 and you can use up to 20 coins per spin. This won't excite high rollers much, but should keep the rest of the gamblers plenty happy.

The Standard Game

While playing the very blue butterfly facing to the left represents the very best paying prize that you can find. Get five or more of them and you'll be rewarded with 7,000 coins. Get five of the right facing butterfly and you're looking at 3,000 coins. The caterpillar is next with 1,000 coins for five and the rest of the other prizes are comparatively small. This means that the highest prize that you can take home as a player of this game is $14,000 with the biggest prize while betting the highest amount. That's a decent win, but not as much as you can hope to get from some other online slots.

Butterfly House Wild

There is a butterfly house symbol that looks like a chrysalis in this game, and that serves as the wild. It substitutes for all symbols except the flower scatter, giving you even more chances to win as you play along with the slot.

Butterflies is a cool looking slot game but it doesn't offer as many features as some online slots do. You'll enjoy wilds and scatters but it's short on bonuses and other specials. The game payout is small in comparison to other slots as well. If you really like the look of the slot give it a try, but you won't enjoy the features as much as you might the features of another slot game.