Wataa Slots

Wataa!!! Is an exciting ninja-themed slot game that shows off a pretty standard dojo along with a few angry looking ninjas in the background of the game. The slot game features martial arts books, ninjas, training dummies and a whole lot of numbers and symbols to create an appealing game that's a whole lot of fun to play. Of course there are a few special features to look forward to as well.

Bet on the Ninja

Before you start spinning the reels you'll have to decide on your bet amount. You can be safe and go with just $.01 or you can take a chance and really amp up your bet to the full $250 available to players looking to take a risk. There are a total of 25 paylines and you can bet up to $10 on each and every one of them.

Two Wilds

There are two different wilds in this slot game that you can take advantage of, the Trevor wild in the middle and the Charlie wilds in two different positions on the slot reels. Trevor offers a 2x multiplier each time he helps you complete a prize, so it's good to see this symbol as often as possible. Other than that the slot game offers a bonus spin round that you can use to unlock even more prize money.

Try for the Ninjas

The ninja symbols are one of the most valuable in Wataa slots unsurprisingly. Get five of these guys out on the same payline and you'll take home 5,000 coins or as much as $50,000 if you're betting the top amount while playing. That's a huge potential jackpot and something for every player trying out Wataa to shoot for.

Unlock the Free Spin Round

There is a special free spin round that you can unlock by getting three or more of the burger scatter symbols on the reels of this slot game. Once you do that you'll have to choose between Trevor or Charlie to decide what features you'll get with your spins. The Trevor feature gives you additional wilds and will also bump up the wild multiplier on Trevor symbols to between 5x and 10x depending on how lucky you are. The Charlie feature gives you extra free spins each and every time you see a Charlie symbol out on the board, and can make for a long-lasting free spin round.

The slot game is pretty standard other than the free spin round, but it has a fun theme and is quite enjoyable to play for fans of ninjas or not. If you're looking for a light-hearted slot with a pretty cool free spin round, Wataa is the one for you. Give it a try and find out all the features that it has to offer.