Northern Lights Slots

Northern Lights is an Arctic themed slot game that shows off ice glaciers, igloos, polar bears, killer whales, seals and everything that it means to be up in the Arctic. The sky is a beautiful deep purple filled with stars that are shining brightly. There's also an Inuit character off to the right of the reels of this modern video slot to help complete the cool look.

Your Chilly Bet

Just as you get used to all the breathtaking views of this cool slot game it's time to lay down your original bet, and you'll have a wide gap of amounts that you can choose from. On the low end you can bet as little as $.01 with each spin of the reels, meaning that you could play for hours with just a few dollars. On the high side you can bet $250 and burn through thousands in just minutes while shooting for the top prize offered by this cool game.

Polar Bear Jackpot

The polar bear symbol serves as the wild in this slot game and also works to give out the highest jackpot of all, 6,000 coins. That's a whopping $60,000 if you are betting the top amount as you play this slot game, which is something to take note of. It will take the place of all but the scatter symbol and will help you unlock some really nice prizes as you play.

The Aurora Bonus Round

Most people have heard of the Aurora Borealis or the northern lights. They serve as the scatter symbol in this unique slot game and will help you unlock the special bonus round as you play through the game. Get three or more of the scatter symbols and you'll unlock the special bonus round giving you a chance at some decent prizes of up to 2,000 coins. During the bonus round you'll have to choose an ice berg for the polar bear to climb on. If the bear manages to stay on his iceberg you'll win the prize amount that it shows off.

Northern Lights is a cool slot game, it's very nice looking and it offers decent jackpots. It isn't anything revolutionary, but it offers similar jackpot payouts and bonuses to other WGS games, and the cool graphics make it worth trying out. Some players will fall in love with the game while others simply move on to other slots, but everyone should try it out at least one time.