Lucky Fruity 7's Slots

Lucky Fruity 7's is a pretty standard classic slot by WGS with decent prize payouts but nothing too crazy. When you play this slot game you'll have three reels, and a clear view of all the prize payouts in the pay table above as you play. It's easy to see the appeal of the simplicity of this game, and there are no special features or bonuses to worry about. The game is straightforward and can be a lot of fun. It does offer two unique factors though, the number of coins you can bet on the single payline, and because the Lucky Fruity 7's symbol serves as a wild and as a scatter all in one, making it a very powerful symbol in the game.

Placing Your Bet

Lucky Fruit 7's is a unique classic slot for one simple reason, you can play up to 5 coins on the single payline, rather than the three coins that's standard for most slots. That means you can risk up to $50 on the single payline, though you are free to bet as little as one cent while playing as well.

Standard Look and Play

As with most classic slot games available today, Lucky Fruity 7's has a pretty standard look to it. There are a few different fruit symbols that pay out decent prizes, and there is the Bar symbol and the Lucky Fruit 7's special symbol and that's it. You'll have a chance to win some decent prizes and you can enjoy wins created by the unique Fruit 7's wild symbol even if it doesn't appear with any more of the like symbols on the reels.

A Generous Top Jackpot

If you're willing to bet the maximum of five coins while playing this slot game, you could win the top jackpot of 5,000 coins if you are lucky enough to get three of the Lucky Fruity 7 symbols on the single payline. This will give you between 1,000 and 5,000 coins depending on the number of coins you bet on your pay line.

Win from Any Position

The special Fruity 7 symbol can pay out money even if it doesn't appear on the payline of the slot game. Get three of the symbols on the reels without them falling exactly on the payline, and you'll still win 200 for each coin that you have on the payline, making for a pretty sizeable victory.

Lucky Fruity 7's is a decent online slot game but it isn't something that will change the way you look at slots. It's a simple game that you should try if you're interested in playing a basic slot game without a bunch of features to worry about.