Fairies Forest Slots

Enjoy beautiful scenery of a nature-rich forest landscape while trying to win cold hard cash while playing Fairies Forest slots. This cool slot game features a range of fun little symbols, including a colorful bird, flowers, special fairy globes and much more. While playing this modern 5-reel video slot game, you'll have many opportunities to win big and come out ahead from this slot game.

From the moment that you begin playing Fairies Forest you have a good range of betting options to select from. You can go with something basic like $.01 per spin, or you can really raise the stakes all the way up to a massive $250 per spin of the reels. That's a huge difference and high rollers and low stakes players alike should all be able to find something that they enjoy from this slot game with a bit of trial and error.

Watch for the Colorful Birds

While playing the standard rounds of this slot game you have a chance to win big from the little bird symbols. That's because if you get five of them on one of the active pay lines, you'll win 5,000 coins. That's a whole lot of cash and something to get seriously excited about. Keep your eyes open for the little birds and hope that you get a whole line of them laid out on the reels for you.

Free Games

Like with many of the top video slot games offered today, there is a free games feature on Fairies Forest. To unlock the feature you need three or more of the scattered forest symbols on the reels. Get them and you'll be given a special set of free games that help you win even more money. The games will play out until you've run out of them automatically, and there is always a slight chance that you'll trigger even more free spins while you're playing the game. While going through the 12 free spins that you'll unlock in this special round, each win that you get will pay out five times the standard amount, letting you win up to 25,000 coins from the bird jackpot during the free spin round, which is a pretty impressive score if you're betting a larger amount per coin.

Fairies Forest is a cool and fun slot game with a lot to offer. It comes packed with special features that will keep you busy as you play along, and with enough luck you could win some huge prizes as well.