Sunken Ships Slots

Sunken Treasures Slots

If you're the type of person that gets excited about exploring the depths of the ocean, you'll love the look and feel of Sunken Ships slots. This simple classic slot game has the cool underwater theme that goes great with its name. From the moment that you start playing this slot game, you'll feel like you are combing the ocean floor looking for some buried treasure.

A Few Custom Symbols

This classic slot game has some pretty generic symbols as well as some themed symbols. You'll see 7's as well as BAR symbols when you play this game, and both of those pay out some pretty nice money, the 7's especially with a top payout of 1,000 coins if you get them on the third payline. There are some cool custom symbols as well like the treasure chest and the anchor symbol as well as the seashells. The seashells don't actually pay anything though, and they just take up space and ruin your chances of getting good quality prizes. Overall Sunken Ships is a good looking slot game.

Good Solid Prize Payouts

There is a 2,000 coin top jackpot and a 1,000 coin secondary jackpot. Both of these prizes come from specialty angled symbols, and it's pretty easy to unlock the top prizes with a bit of luck. The 7's will give you up to 1,000 coins if they are oriented in a diagonal pattern in the right way, and the anchor symbol will award you up to 2,000 coins if the symbols are sitting in that same diagonal pattern. Other than those symbols, you can also win 2,000 coins if you are lucky enough to get three of the treasure chests on the standard middle payline.

Multi Payline Top Prizes

Both the 7's and anchor symbols can show up on diagonal lines and still pay out prizes. This is not the case for most of the other symbols and you'll need to keep them on that central pay line. This special feature keeps the game interesting and gives you something else to watch out for other than just that central pay line. This is a cool feature that keeps things interesting and is one of my favorite features of this slot game, even if it does make things a bit more confusing overall.

If you're into digging for treasure and you want a straightforward slot game to test out, Sunken Ships is worth a try. It doesn't come jam packed with features like some slot games and it offers smaller top prizes compared to some classic slot options, but it's a well-rounded game with a few cool features that keep things interesting enough.