Royal Carribean Slots

Royal Caribbean is a simple classic slot game from WGS that focuses on the explorers and ship sailors exploring the Caribbean. It's a pretty simplistic game overall, but has a solid top payout. The graphics might not be much to look at, but there are some opportunities to be found in this classic slot game if you are willing to sit down and give it a real chance.

Betting Options

Like most classic slot games there's a single payline in this game that you can bet between one and three coins on. With a top coin value of $10, you can risk up to $30 on a single spin, or you can take the safe way out and bet as little as $.01 on a single spin of the reel. Either way you have a good betting range to work with when playing Royal Caribbean.

Solid Top Jackpot

While playing Royal Caribbean most of your wins are going to be smaller, but that doesn't mean you can't win big. The top jackpot is the explorer head symbol. Get three of them while betting three coins and you'll come away with 1,600 coins. That's a pretty significant prize and could be worth as much as $16,000 if you're risking the top amount of money per spin of the reels.

There are Scatters as Well

Gameplay is simplistic on this slot, but there are more than one way to win while playing anyway. You could come away with a guaranteed prize win if you get one or more of the explorer head symbols on the payline. Get the symbol and you'll get two coins per coin that you bet on the payline up to a maximum of 6 coins. That's not a huge win by any means, but it's enough to help you bring in more money and to keep spinning the reels.

For any gambler that's looking for simple, straightforward and a fun gaming experience, this slot is worth testing out. It doesn't have many features at all, and you basically pick your bet amount and spin the reels. That's it. If you're comfortable doing that and you aren't looking for a bunch of additional benefits, you can enjoy what this game has to offer without worrying about getting confused or having to learn a bunch of additional features.

Give it a try today and you just might end up with a solid win from the simple slot game. even if you don't you'll probably enjoy your time with it, even if it ends up being a bit too dull for you.