Red White and Win Slots

Red White and Win is a very patriotic slot game that's based around America entirely. It features a bunch of red, white and blue symbols, along with the American Flag and the Statue of Liberty as iconic symbols of the country. This game overall doesn't offer too many special features or very massive wins, but it does have a few decent features to look forward to as you play along. Read on to learn exactly what you can expect from this slot.

Small Top Bet

While other slot games let you bet massive amounts, Red White and Win keeps things pretty basic and affordable. When you play this game there is a single payline and you can bet up to three coins on it. Each coin has a value of up to $2.50, giving you a max bet of $7.50. That's a decent top bet, but it's nothing compared to what you will find with many other slot games. If you don't mind a lower top bet this might be a good slot for you though.

Decent Top Jackpot

The actual jackpot in this slot game is set at 500 coins per coin that you bet. That means you could win a top amount of 1,500 coins if you are betting three coins. That could leave you with a decent prize of up to $3,750 if you are betting three coins, but that's not a huge amount of money for any player. The jackpot wins on this game aren't huge, which is why many players are more focused on winning that progressive jackpot prize instead.

Progressive Jackpot Wins

This patriotic slot game has the U.S. Flag set as the top winning prize and it will unlock the progressive jackpot in this game. If you are betting the maximum amount of three coins you'll enjoy the full progressive jackpot, but bet a smaller amount and you'll only get a very small portion of either 5% or 10% of the jackpot amount if you are lucky enough to win. That's why most players always stick to three coins when they play this slot game.

With such small wins and pretty limited betting amounts, the main thing you have to look forward to while playing is the progressive jackpot. That's why it makes sense to bet three coins the whole time that you play, otherwise you'll only get a small portion of it. Even still, this slot game is decent to play, offers frequent wins and has a good look that you might enjoy.