Mystic Gems Slots

Mystic Gems is an online slot that has a basic appearance and simple features as well. This game almost looks like a classic slot game, and it only has a few perks that make it more interesting than a standard classic slot game. If you are interested in classic slot gameplay like we are, it can make sense to take a minute to learn more; if you already have a plan, you should keep following that instead.

Made by Wager Gaming Technology

Wager Gaming Technology isn't the most well-known software company in the gambling industry. Still, the company has been around for many years and has hundreds of slot titles in its library. This company is known for showing up at casinos alongside many other software companies, which means that if you decide to play at a casino that offers WGS games, you can likely pick from hundreds or even thousands of games from other companies as well.

Demo it First

Even if you aren't sure that this game is right for you, that doesn't mean you need to spend money to try it or that you should skip it for an option that looks safer or more interesting at first. Instead, try this game in the Demo mode and see if you like it before you spend money on it. If you do things in this way, you don't have to risk your money to get to know the slot, which means that you'll become familiar with the game and all its features without putting yourself at risk in the process.

A Basic Slot Experience

This slot doesn't offer many features, and it doesn't come with a progressive jackpot prize payout. While playing, there are re-spins as well as an instant bonus prize payout, and that's about it. If you're searching for a game with many advanced features, or you want a larger selection of options to choose from, you can't get those things from this online slot game. Theme

10 Adjustable Paylines

There are ten different paylines present in this slot game, and they are fully adjustable. When playing the game, you can turn these lines on and off. Turn all the lines on to maximize your winning potential, or turn as many lines off as possible to keep your wager costs down. It's up to you to adjust the paylines for this game, and having different line options to select makes it possible for you to change your wager value more precisely.

Just an Okay Wagering Range

When wagering in this game, you have a lot of flexibility to enjoy, thanks to the game having adjustable paylines. The lowest wager amount you can set is just $0.01 per spin, which is low enough to make low-stakes players happy. If you're a high-roller that's hoping to win huge prize payouts, you will likely be disappointed by the maximum wager amount that's approved by this casino. When you wager a maximum amount of just $50.00 per spin, you can't win as much or spend as much as you can with other slots. The range is still decent for many players, but not all gamblers are going to be happy with the wagering options that are available to them when playing at this site.

Few Adjustments to Choose from

Other than when wagering on this game, there isn't much for you to do with this slot. You carefully choose the wager amount you would like to risk before turning the reels ad that value determines what sort of play experience you will have. By getting used to the different wagering perks, you can find out what you would be willing to spend and learn how to enhance your time playing the game.

Win Re-Spins

By stacking wild symbols, you can unlock the re-spin feature in Mystic Gems. Getting a complete stack of wilds on reel four gets you four re-spins. Getting a stack on reel 3 gets you three re-spins. You can get two re-spins by stacking the symbols on reel 2. No matter which set of re-spins you unlock, you will have a good chance to win different prize payouts and get more value from the game overall during this bonus round. The re-spins bonus triggers frequently as you play, which is one aspect of the game that you can look forward to.

Win Instantly with the Mystic Multiplier

There's a special Mystic Multiplier feature that gives you a chance to win up to 500x your entire wager amount. This special feature is triggered when you get scatter symbols stacked on the middle reel. Do this, and you'll win an instant payout worth between 1x and 500x your entire wager amount. If you're fortunate enough, you can win big from this special feature.

Play the Game Free

Since this slot is built to run for free for gamblers that want to play it that way, it works as a source of entertainment even when you don't want to spend money on the game. If you reels and play with the features purely for entertainment purposes, you are free to do that. That is a perk of playing this slot game as a player just looking to gamble.

Wager with Real Money Easily

When you're ready to spin and to play for real money prize payouts, you can do that with this slot game by choosing normal play when loading the game. If you have an active casino account at a compatible site, you can move on to wagering with real cash and playing the game for a chance at the different prize payouts.

Maximum Wins are Just Okay

Some of the best wins occur during the bonus rounds of this slot, and although it's possible to win thousands of coins with enough luck, the maximum prize wins are smaller in this slot than many other games available today. If you're hoping to win big, you may have to look to a different slot game to have a chance at the prize wins you're interested in.

A Good Value Slot

On average, this slot pays out 96% of the money that it gets from players in prizes. This is a decent rate, and it makes the game a good value overall. There are other slots that pay out more money, but there are many other options that pay far less. If you are just concerned with value when choosing a slot, you can feel okay about playing this game overall.

Reviewing the Game

We weren't overly impressed by this slot game and decided to rate it a 3.2 out of 5.0. This rating is good enough to make the slot worth testing for some players, but it's not so good that you should go out of your way to try this slot if there isn't one element of this game that you're curious about. You can try the game for free and should spend time testing the slot, but only if you think you might enjoy it. Get familiar with this slot and then decide if you like the game or not.

Works on Mobile

This game was designed to work with most mobile devices and will load and play properly on tablets, smartphones, and other devices. The game works in a web browser and doesn't require special software in order to play. This is good news for gamblers that just want to get started playing and for the players that don't want to be stuck in one place while gambling. You can take this slot with you wherever you go and still enjoy it as long as you have an active internet connection.

Mystic Gems is an interesting slot game that's simple in appearance and that only has a few features, but it manages to be exciting and worth playing too. If you want an easy game to spend your time on, but you still want a few special features to try and win, you can enjoy this slot and all that it has to offer you. Take the game through a few practice rounds, and then decide if you like it enough to continue playing or not.