Haunted Reels Slots

Haunted Reels is a good old-school classic three reel slot game with a single payline to bet on. It's pretty basic for this reason, but it makes up for that with a whole lot of character and pretty impressive winning opportunities as well.

Choose Your Bet Amount

Even though there is only a single payline to bet on, you can choose to bet between one and three coins on that line, giving you a pretty decent effective betting range. As a new player to this game you'll have to choose between risking $.01 and $30 with each spin of the reels. We highly recommend that you risk the full three coins when playing the game, because that will triple all the wins that you get while playing Haunted Reels. That means instead of making between $8 and $8000 on the top jackpot, you could be making $24 to $24,000 on the top jackpot. Obviously the second range is more favorable than the first, but what you bet is all personal preference.

Straightforward Slots

The biggest benefit of Haunted Reels is also its biggest downfall, it's super simple. The game doesn't have a whole lot of extras to make things confusing. You do get a wild and a bonus feature, but both are pretty standard. The paytable for the game is listed up above during the whole game, other than when the bonus is going, and that makes it easy to see what you've won as each symbol appears on the reels. You'll find it easy to win prizes and it's simple to change your bet up or down as you play along.

The Bonus Round

It's rare for a classic slot to offer a bonus feature so Haunted Reels is an exception to the rule. This bonus is pretty basic though. Get one of the Jack o Lantern symbols on any of your reels and you'll start up the bonus round. This special bonus appears in the pay table area and has you select a pumpkin. Choose the right one and you'll win additional prize money on top of what you've already won.

Haunted Reels does the spooky theme really well and anyone that enjoys classic slots is likely to enjoy what this game has to offer. It's good for new players, but experienced classic slot players will like the added features that you get from it that you won't find elsewhere. Give it a try today and find out whether or not Haunted Reels is the slot for you.