Crazy Cherry Slots

There is just one way you can find out. Crazy Cherry is a Wager Gaming title, and although it is far from new, it is worth exploring if you haven't heard of it before. You would be right to think there were cherries involved in the game, since they are mentioned in the title. But what about the crazy element? Is this a crazy-good game or will it drive you crazy instead?

Reels and win lines in use

It's time to find out how many reels and lines are in store for you here, and believe us when we say this is a basic game. It gives you three reels and you have but one line to try and find a prize on with each spin.

Coin values used

The word to use here is versatile. That's because you get the standard set of coins from Wager Gaming, going from a penny to $10. You also have another perk, which is the ability to play up to five coins on the line.

Crazy Cherry special icons to look for

Things are kept nice and simple here, with only one special icon to note. This appears as a wild and it looks like the logo for the Crazy Cherry title. Only one of these on your line brings home a prize.

The jackpot can also be won with the wild. The amount won depends on the coins you played when you secured three wilds on the line. Each coin played brings you 1,000 coins in return for the jackpot, meaning a five-coin bet would secure a 5,000-coin prize.

Bonus features to try and access

Many three-reel slots don't bother with a bonus game, and this must be included as one of those. Don't despair, though - we think it is still worth playing.

Try and win prizes by downloading and playing Crazy Cherry for real money now!

Crazy Cherry is obviously at the simpler end of the slot game options you can choose from. This means you could end up enjoying it if you like that sort of thing, or you may find it a bit dull.

Either way, we would suggest you give it a try, even if you never get past the practice mode that lets you play with virtual money. That means virtual prizes and not real ones, but it lets you see how it works.