Admiral's Inn Slots

Admiral's Inn is a classy ship-themed classic slot game that offers standard gameplay without any fancy features to remember at all. You spin the reels, and find out whether you won a prize or not. That's all there is to it, and that's what is so nice about classic slots. If you like classic slots, this game looks pretty nice, if not, this probably isn't for you.

Standard Classic Bet Options

Admiral's Inn is a pretty standard classic slot game in the way that you can bet. You have the choice between one and three coins on the single payline. Those coins can be valued at $.01 up to $10. That means you can bet $.01 at the lowest and $30 at the highest. The amount you choose determines the prizes that you are paid out, so choose the highest level that you are comfortable with for the biggest prize potential.

Basic Gameplay

There is nothing special about this classic slot game. You spin the reels and win or lose. There's a scatter feature on the anchor symbol that rewards you with additional prizes, but other than that you really have nothing special to remember while playing.

Moderate Jackpot

Classic slot jackpots are huge in some instances, but not for this game. You can win up to 1500 coins if you get three of the anchor symbols. This could be worth as much as $15,000 which is a decent amount, but nothing crazy. There are plenty of classic slot games that offer a larger top jackpot, and they cost the same amount to play as this one does.

Good Symbol Variety

There are plenty of symbols that you can win on while playing this slot game, including a scatter that pays out no matter where it is located. With all the different symbols this slot game has a unique look and continues to be interesting throughout the spins. You'll be looking at all the different symbols as the reels go by, and wondering exactly what prize you'll win.

Admiral's Inn is a nice looking slot game with cool looking symbols and an excellent backdrop to play over top of. Largely the long-term players on this game are the ones that like the look of it. Everyone else will probably go for a classic slot game that offers more features or bigger jackpots. There really isn't much to keep you playing this slot other than its looks, and for many that's not nearly enough.